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Rescue Parade 2016

This year's rescue parade was held on June 18, 2016. A Big THANK YOU goes out to all of our wonderful Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue families for making this day such a huge success!

The parade was held on the grounds of the St. Johnland Nursing Home in Kings Park. There were about 29 rescued Golden Retrievers in attendance.

The day was warm and the dogs and their "people" had a great time. Each family proudly showed off their rescued Golden Retriever in the Show Ring. Each LIGRR dog received a bandana after completing their turn in the ring.

The LIGRR volunteers attend numerous Golden Retriever and dog events annually. The Rescue Parade is far and away our favorite! We get to see "our" dogs living happily with their Forever Families. We get to "catch up" with our terrific adopters! It's all about Happy Endings...for us, it doesn't get any better than that!

A special "Thank You" to all who made donations and purchased LIGRR merchandise and auction tickets. Your generous financial support is what makes it possible for us to continue providing LIGRR's needy Golden Retrievers with medical care and placing them in excellent homes.

It was a great day and we look forward to seeing even more of our LIGRR families next year. Let's make this a family tradition and make it BIGGER and BETTER NEXT YEAR!


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Remy is the least demanding, most appreciative dog imaginable. He was living in a hospital cage when we adopted him. He was very sick and his future had looked very bad. We were able to get him healthy. He is living proof that every day is a gift.

She brings our family love, laughs, and companionship. It's great to take her on long walks to the beach. She loves when we see other dogs and people. April thinks everyone is there to greet her and pet her. She loves attention. She also has a stubborn streak. We lover her very much...and are so thankful she came into our lives.

Bootsy is ready for fun every day. Chasing balls at the dog park is her favorite activity. Everyone wants to pet Bootsy and say hello when we take a walk. She is so gentle! When she is looking for some extra LOVE she sits on her hind legs and holds up both paws. When our grand dog comes for a visit they play tug and wrestle 'til they are worn out. When it's time for a treat, Bootsy will do a little dance and spin around. Very tired when the day is done, she goes right to sleep next to our bed with her head under the dust ruffle (like a blackout shade). Life with Bootsy is fun every day.

Baby is a blessing to our family. We love her more every day! We're forever grateful to Melanie and Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue! Thank you for our furry best friend!

Bella is a lovable girl who enjoys being around people. She likes to follow us around the house and always stays close by. She enjoys going for walks and is very happy to stay by our side while walking. Whe was a little anxious when we first got her but she is much more comfortable around us and definitely loves her new family. She has a lot of energy and is good at retrieving tennis balls in the back yard. She is a little quirky but we love her anyway! We look forward to making a lot more memories with Bella.

Bo loves to be outside, especially when chasing squirrels or tennis balls. When he is not outside, his favorite place is to lay by the back sliding door and wait for squirrels to come into the backyard. When he sees one, he jumps up and down with excitement begging us to let him out. Bo also loves going for walks in the park or at the beach. If he had it his way, he would spend most of jhis time outdoors. He has brought great joy to our family and we are happy we are able to give him the life he deserves.

Boomer came to us 4 years ago. He is a clown and full of mischief. He keeps us on our toes. He is 12 and acts like he is 2! He is a counter surfer, he can't get enough attention, always needs to be near us. Boomer is a wonderful friend and companion and we are privileged to have him as part of our family.

Biscuit is so sweet and intelligent. She has been a joy to us. Biscuit has the most beautiful eyes. She looks at us with such expression to communicate what she wants. She is like s shepard and we are her flock. She especially likes to outsmart her brother, Boomer. She loves to steal his toys when he is not looking. Thank you LIGRR for giving us the opportunity to share this experience, and thank you Melanie for all that you do.

Buddy Boy
Since coming to our home, Buddy Boy has become quite a star, from being a television star, from getting his head stuck in a cat house, to becoming a social media star. He is more than a welcomed addition to our home. We are NOT his owners, HE OWNS US!!

I love my Cinnamon Girl - her nickname is Cinnaminnie and she is so smart that she caught on right away. She is very laid back and blended in with her new household quickly.

Meeting Connor was love at first sight. Hard to believe this sweet, affectionate little guy was abandoned and rescued in a forest near Istanbul as a puppy. Wounded by other dogs he was initially saved by Emel in Turkey and ultimately rescued by LIGRR. He was one of the first 5 turkey dogs to arrive last September at JFK. He has adapted to family life so well. Loves to cuddle every morning and greet daddy at the door with a toy in his mouth every night. LIGRR rescue, Copper, the big brother loves having a little brother and we are so grateful to have him...and most exciting of all; his new coat is coming in Golden. Copper is now 8 years old and reminds us every day of the mutual love and gratitude that life with a rescue brings. With his stunning, shiny red coat, Copper is such a mellow guy. He welcomed his Turkey dog bro, Connor, with open arms in October. Goofy and silly, affectionate and playful, he loves his life and we adore him.

Danny has a great appetite for life...and wallets and eyeglasses and pens and aluminum pans and shower scrunchies and leashes and hats. This was too much for his first two owners to handle, but, thanks to LIGRR, he's in his forever home.

I was picked up by the local doggy catcher and brought to the municipal town shelter. The shelter then called LIGRR because they thought I was bery sick. I wasn't even put in the general population. Then Melanie came to see me. She knew what was wrong with me and called my new mommy to be. I'm sure there was ABSOLUTELY no evil intention there, since Mommy's heart dog had ectopic ureter just like me!!! Well Mommy brought Daddy to my foster home and I guess he was a sucker too, because I have been in my new home with Mommy and Daddy since May 19, 2009.

Kirby was abandoned on the street in Brooklyn. Came to my house at age 1 or less, he is very affectionate, sweet, and obedient. He suffered from siezures but they are well under control by medication. At age 15, he is still very active, going up and down stairs, a little slow but still going strong......we hope he is going to break guiness world records and spend many more years with us.

We adopted Layla and Maggie on Valentine's Day 2013, and they have become the loves of our lives. They lost their home after Hurricane Sandy and could only be adopted together. They have a special bond because they are littermates. Melanie told us they were diamonds in the rough, and now they are our precious jewels. Maggie is precocious, friendly, and exploratory in nature. She is always ready for adventure. She loves being outdoors chasing after birds&squirrels. Layla is a bit more reserved but she has shown the ability to relate to emotional situations. There is no more joyful dogthan Layla. If the mood is more subdued she is calm, sweet, and peaceful. Should an unfortunate situation be one of sadness, Layla will be there to offer comfort. They take daily long neighborhood and beach walks. They visit friends at Nickerson Beach every morning. They complement each other and our lives are more full with them. We are thankful to LIGRR for making our golden dream a reality.

Nikki's love of belly rubs makes her a great therapy dog. She is an award-winning kisser, accourding to the festival judges and the Hempstead Shelter and every Rally judge she's met. Even though she's not earning a lot of Qs, she's earning a lot of smiles.

Obie is a sweet, gentle soul. He is everyone's friend and companiion. Besides being a best rester, Obie does work every other Sunday as a Pet Therapy Dog at Jefferson Ferry. He spends his day with his sister Golden Bella and tolerates being bullied by her. We are forever grateful for our rescue dog for his kindness and love.

We can't imagine life without our two kids. They are inseparable and love long walks, swimming in the pool and friends at the dog park.

Patty is our Best Friend. She is funny, she is sweet, she is great with our grandkids, she loves people and other dogs. She is so well behaved I have to pinch myself. She knows the days of the week because Monday to Friday I work she just lays down but Saturday and Sunday when we try to go out without her, she blocks the door or sits on my feet. She is the best! We love her.

There's nothing as amazing as the unconditional love from Red. He brings so much happiness and love to our family.

Sandy has now been with us for about 1.5 years and she is truly a delight. A part of our family has brought such love to our household. She just wants to be loved 24/7. Sandy and our other Golden Jake have become inseperable and play together all the time. We are blessed that Sandy is now in our lives and look forward to many years with her!

Seaver the retriever is actually not much of a retriever, as he struggles to catch and return any ball that is thrown his way. However, he loves chasing the leaves during Fall and jumping in the snow during Winter. All of these activities are fun to watch and, after Seaver is tired, he will curl up on the couch next to us or our other dog, Casey (Seaver's little sister). From the moment that we brought Seaver home, we knew that he would hold a special place in our hearts. He is a huge goofball and has such a distinctive peronality that he is more of a family member rather than a pet. Seaver has been a golden light in our lives, both literally and figuratively, and we cannot thank LIGRR enough for introducing him to us.

Teddy's enthusiasm for life is contagious! It is like living "Ted's Excellent Adventure" wherever we go. He loves people, other dogs, chasing squirrels, bunnies, and anything else in our back yard but mostly the beloved tennis ball. He is a big mush that loves to please and has made our life rich and full of love.

Tommy is apeasure to live with. He is very happy at home with our two other dogs. He is even tempered and doesn't like drama. We are very fortunate to have him as part of our family.

She is a joy. Souki has been with our family 1 month. Souki loves to play with the neighborhood kids. We love Souki. She is a lot of fun even though she needs to learn obedience. We look forward to many more years with her.

Trixie loves people and other animals. She is lovable and good natured. Her favorite thing to do is go on long walks every day. Whe is my walking buddy. Trixie is a snuggler and puts her head on your lap and loves belly rubs. Whe likes to steal socks and hand towels.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors with rescues from Turkey and their new families.

Nikki's love of belly rubs makes her a great therapy dog. She is an award-winning kisser, accourding to the festival judges and the Hempstead Shelter and every Rally judge she's met. Even though she's not earning a lot of Qs, she's earning a lot of smiles.