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Rescue Parade 2016

This year's rescue parade was held on June 17, 2017. A Big THANK YOU goes out to all of our wonderful Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue families for making this day such a huge success!

The parade was held on the grounds of the St. Johnland Nursing Home in Kings Park. There were about 15 rescued Golden Retrievers in attendance.

The day started out foggy but warmed up as the day progressed. The dogs and their "people" had a great time. Each family proudly showed off their rescued Golden Retriever in the Show Ring. Each LIGRR dog received a toy after completing their turn in the ring.

The LIGRR volunteers attend numerous Golden Retriever and dog events annually. The Rescue Parade is far and away our favorite! We get to see "our" dogs living happily with their Forever Families. We get to "catch up" with our terrific adopters! It's all about Happy Endings...for us, it doesn't get any better than that!

A special "Thank You" to all who made donations and purchased LIGRR merchandise and auction tickets. Your generous financial support is what makes it possible for us to continue providing LIGRR's needy Golden Retrievers with medical care and placing them in excellent homes.

It was a great day and we look forward to seeing even more of our LIGRR families next year. Let's make this a family tradition and make it BIGGER and BETTER NEXT YEAR!


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We adopted our Bella at 13 months old on June 26, 2013 from LIGRR.

She was a surrender from a family with young children living in Brooklyn. It appears she was never properly socialized and integrated with the family as a puppy. She was also never spayed, vaccinated, or properly housebroken.

On May 12, 2017, our Bella turned 5 years old and is enjoying her life with her new family. Bella likes to go for daily walks, go on puppy play dates, play in her backyard and play with her toys. Bella also regularly attends rescue events. We lover her with all of our hearts and enjoy spoiling her and she returns our love many times over and makes us smile every day.


Bootsy was rescued from Brooklyn on November 21, 2015 at about 8 years old. She is as frisky as a puppy chasing her tail.

She loves to chase balls at the dog park.

Life with Bootsy is a gift every day.

We are so grateful to have her.


Charlie came to us from Turkey six months ago and he has amazed us since day one. We have never met such an easy going and loving dog. He is happiest when he's lounging with his brother Hudson and will gladly sit like a statue for anyone who wants to give him rubs. He's also always up for chasing a tennis ball or a good squirrel. Everyone who meets him offers to dog sit.

We can't imagine life without him.


Daisy came to us from LIGRR at 8 weeks old. Born with degenerative kidney disease, Daisy's life span is limited, but she is determined to make the most of her time. A true tennis ball professional and bed-hogging hobbyist, her true talent is fuzzy loving. Our true love, Daisy!


Danny came to us from LIGRR as a one year old in search of this third family. With a talent for stealing people food, shoes, socks, eyeglasses, pens, and wallets. He still does those things and so is perpetually in obedience classes.

A real charmer and con artist, Danny managed to get his Canine Good Citizen title. He loves playing with his step sister Nikki, going on long walks and licking anyone within tongue reach.


Darla came from ???? TOLT ????. She was born with ectopic ureter and pretty much, that makes her unadoptable to most folks. But not for Mike and Nancy. If you're Mike and Nancy that's what you do.


Maggie and Layla are littermate sisters and best friends. These two came to us as a package deal. They had lost their home due to Super Storm Sandy and were surrendered to LIGRR. Melanie recognized their special bond and they would be best off staying together.

We took the plunge and took both dogs!

And here we are almost five years later.

As it turned out, they calmed down and now are wonderful well-adjusted happy dogs, and are happily going through life with us. They truly are our dog children and valued members of our family.

They are both friendly and social, Maggie is more stubborn and in your face, she speaks her mind demanding love and attention and is always ready for our next treat or adventure. Among her many talents she is an accomplished counter surfer.

Layla has the happiest wag of tail you ever want to see. She really makes you feel she is happy to see you! She can be a bit of a loner at times but Maggie brings the playful pup in her. Amongher many talents she is a champion cuddler and lapdog and really interested in ball retrieval.

As Melanie told us when we adopted them"They are diamonds in the rough"; the only difference now is they are not so rough.

Last fall we had the unique opportunity to recue Layla for a second time. Layla was diagnosed with two torn ACLs and had surgeries to repair both rear knees. This has returned her to full function and pain free. As you can see she has now fully recovered.

Thank you LIGRR.


Logan contunues to bring such joy and happiness every day.

He was dropped off by a family on Staten Island and I received a bouncing 50 pound puppy!


In November of 2014, we were blessed with the addition of brother and sister pair, Magic and Missy. They were 9-1/2 years old when they joined our family four days before Thanksgiving. Why their family did not keep them is still a mystery to us; but their loss was our gain. These are the two sweetest, well behaved dogs that we ever had. We think that their coming into our lives right before Thanksgiving says so much. It was meant to be. To this day, we are so thankful that we took the chance and rescued our"puppies".

Initially, we were very nervous adopting two"seniors"mostly because we did not want our hearts broken again. But, as my sister put it, you will be giving them wonderful retirement years. Before we adopted Magic and Missy, they spent much of their time out in a kennel and had developed large calluses on their elbows. They were a bit stiff with arthritis and were pretty skittish with loud noises. We gave them new soft beds, a little lovin'and daily glucosamine and before we knew it they were moving better and adapting to their new family. Magic took a shine to our grown-up son and Missy just took pats and hugs from each of us. We had some learning to do; like knowing that they would not eat next to each other and that Missy had to be fed first"ladies before gentlemen". They still do not like flashlights or cameras and have learned that the besement is the best place to hid during thunder storms or fireworks! They never steal food, but look for biscuits regularly,and there are always snuggles to be had.

Our"puppies"have been a blessing to us all. We are still wondering"who rescued who"that day in November two and a half years ago.


Mango comes from Turkey and we are the luck family that got to bring him home just two short months ago. Mango is the sweetest, most gentle, most playful dog we could have hoped for. His favorite thing in the world - even more than food - is to play fetch - like a true retriever.


Murphy has been with us for ten fantastic years. My wife was 7 months pregnant with our first child when we brought her home. Melanie came by weeks earlier back then to check us out to make sure we were worthy Golden owners. I think I called her for weeks every time a dog popped up on the web site. She patiently told me none of the other dogs were a good fit. Then Murphy popped up and she finally gave in and I am so thankful she did. Murphy was in a way our first child. A scared, timid and underweight dog. As soon as we got her, we took her to the pet store Melanie recommended. The owner almost called the cops on us she was so skinny. We explained we just recued her and he was all smiles. Ten years and three kids later I'm not sure where all the time has gone. Murphy has been at our side through all of it. Always happy and always willing to clean up a high chair or steal a kids meal. It makes me laugh every time. She's always there waiting when I get home from work wagging her tail barking away. It's been a few years since we attended the rescue parade and wanted to make sure we made this one. Murphy is almost 13 now and is really starting to slow down. Her creaky hind legs give her trouble from time to time. I want to thank Melanie and all the volunteers for all their hard work. It's such a great thing you're doing and Murphy is living proof. Without your efforts Murphy would have never been in our lives.


Nikki is one of LIGRR's Super Storm Sandy pups. She has an AKC Rally title, her Caning good Citizen award and is a frequent guest at an assisted living facility as a threapy dog.

She is a goofy big sister to Danny, enjoys tug-of-war and barking at passers by. Nikki is the quintiessential companion dog, needing to be with her people at all times, usually on top of them.


Obie is a kind and gentle soul. Although he is an older gentleman, he still acts like a puppy when visitng the residents at Jefferson Ferry every Sunday. Obie doesn't realize his size and loves nothing more than to be a lap dog and cuddle on the couch. We are forever grateful to LIGRR for bringing Obie into our lives.


Five year old Teddy has not slowed down one bit. He lives life to the fullest and is full of enthusiasm."Ted's Excellent Adventure"is his motto.

He never does anything at a slow pace; that includes chasing squirrels, bunnies, tennis balls, or his tail.

He has brought joy and pleasure to our lives; made our life rich and full of love.

Thank you Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue. You have brought us golden sunlight and laughter.


Trixie is one of the Hurricane Sandy puppies. She likes to see her mom and siblings at the parade. She enjoys her cat brothers and sisters.

Last September, we felt a small lump on her. She had an operation to remove it and, thank God, she is OK now.

She is so sweet and just loves people.