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Rescue Parade 2019

This year's rescue parade was held on September 14, 2019. A Big THANK YOU goes out to all of our wonderful Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue families for making this day such a huge success!

The parade was held at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Levittown. this year, we set a new attendance record with about 30 rescued Golden Retrievers.

The day was slightly overcast and a little cooler than usual. That made it an almost perfect day for this event. The dogs and their "people" had a great time. Each family proudly showed off their rescued Golden Retriever in the Show Ring. Each LIGRR dog received a toy after completing their turn in the ring.

The LIGRR volunteers attend numerous Golden Retriever and dog events annually. The Rescue Parade is far and away our favorite! We get to see "our" dogs living happily with their Forever Families. We get to "catch up" with our terrific adopters! It's all about Happy Endings...for us, it doesn't get any better than that!

A special "Thank You" to all who made donations and purchased LIGRR merchandise and auction tickets. Your generous financial support is what makes it possible for us to continue providing LIGRR's needy Golden Retrievers with medical care and placing them in excellent homes.

It was a great day and we look forward to seeing even more of our LIGRR families next year. Let's make this a family tradition and make it BIGGER and BETTER NEXT YEAR!


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Anna was adopted this spring with her sister Polly after their owner passed away. She can always be found with a toy in her mouth and loves watching TV -- especially British mysteries.


Baby was in the first group of dogs from Turkey. She had to travel a long way to find her forever home. We thank Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue from the bottom of our hearts for making it possible.


Baci came ferom Turkey. He is the kindewst, sweetest, most mellow fellow around. Loves people and will roll over for bell rubs from anyone ho looks his way.


We adopted our Bella at 13 months old back in June 2013 from LIGRR. She was a surrender from a family in Brooklyn. In May, Bella turned 7 years old. Bella loves her walks, puppy play dates, and playing in her backyard with her new brother, Jake. Bella also regularly attends rescue events. We love her with all of our hearts and she makes us smile every day.


Bonny is from Turkey She is very sweet and loving and has become a member of our family.


Buddy is a rescue from Turkey. He loves all of his toys especially his ball and his frisbee. Buddy lives with 3 other dogs and loves his family.


In February 2019, LIGRR received a call that a 9-month old needed a home. Cody was a diamond in the rough and our family knew with a little love and training he would be a great dog. He has become just that. Thank you LIGRR for bringing us Cody!


Came from Pennsylvania. Nova's brother. Great at cuddling and great at eating. We love them!


Comet came from a family who couldn't take proper care of him. Comet would be happy as long as someone is petting him! He's an attention hound who loves to snuggle. He's a love!


Daisy (aka, Diana) is from Turkey. She was found in the woods being attacked by bigger dogs. Whe is now a happy-go-lucky dog who enjoys a good squeaky toy.


Emma came from a forest in Turkey. She came to the U.S. two weeks after our beloved golden Oscar passed away from cancer. Our hearts were broken&Emma helped heal us. She is sweet&souldul&full of love&fluff! Thank you to LIGRR for bringing Emma into our life!


Hobbs imigrated to this country two years ago. He loves his new life and although there was a language barrier he quickly learned EAT, WALK, and most important COUCH! He livew with a goldendoodle and loves life in the USA.


Gigi is from Turkey. When she arrived she was 37 lbs.&very shy. She is now 55 lbs., very friendly and social. She gets along great with all the dogs she meets&is especially good with children. But so far, she refuses to go swimming, though we're working on it.


Jake was surrendered at 16-months old to LIGRR back in December 2018. It was apparent he wasn't well cared for as he was dirty, underweight, covered in urine stains and ill. The family agreed to a foster to adopt, but it became clear rather quickly that he was a keeper. He is now a happy, healthy Golden and enjoying life wit his sister, Bella.


We adopted Jenny in March 2018. Her fromer owners were elderly. Her human father had just died and her mother couldn'handle her alone. Jenny is an energetic 8-year old who is full of love, fun, and personality. She is a charming delightful addition to our familuy.


This is Juliette, she is 3-years old. She came to live with us 2-years ago. Juliette arrived from Turkey with a very bad foot injury. The next day she was taken to LIVS for emergency surgery, she had 2 toes amputated. Shortly after we adopted her, Dr. Franx noticed she had something wrong with her hips. After an x-ray, he discovered she had a fractured pelvis and needed another surgery. Dr. Franz diagnosis was that she must have been hit ba a car in Turkey. Juliette had the surgery and although she has a neurological deficit and therefore drags her foot, she is doing very well. We are very happy to have Juliette in our lives. Thank yo Melanie for helping us to see the light! We are so thankful for our 6th rescue.


Kali came from Bend, OR and flew home to NY. She was one of 12 pups and is my"one&only"sweet girl.


Magic was adopted with his sister, Missy, five years ago. He just turned 100 in dog years and loves to spend his time snuggling or napping on the bathroom floor, very much enjoying his retirement home.


Came from Pennsylvania. Comet's sister. If you stop petting her, she will nudge your hand relentlessly. We love them!


Parker came from a family that was unable to care for him. He did not get the love, exercise,&care he needed and desreved. We love Parker so much. He is the sweetest, most lovable dog and gives us so much joy everyday. Our bond grows and grows and we always look forward to his snuggles and kisses.


Polly was adopted this spring with her sister, Anna, after their owner passed away. After having her thyroid removed, Polly is enjoying much better health and loves playing with her stuffed animals/


Meet Loki -- the God of Mischief. We adopted him at 9-months when his family was leaving the country. He is five now and an expert ad dog proofing any home - he will show you where NOT to put food, socks, paper toys, and expecially the kitchen garbage pail. Do not turn your back on him when making breakfast, lumnch, dinner, or a snack. He is highly trainable but challenges any good"stay"because he can't resist checking out what could be eaten anywhere. Loki's most winning personality trait is his need to cuddle and be mushy. His nickname is The Mushy Man. he is respectful sleeping on the bed except when it's cuddle time in the mornings. We are grateful to LIGRR for opening up our hearts to this big mischievous yummy boy, LOKI.


After our Desi dies, I just didn't look for another dog. Then one day I got a call from melanie and she said, "Come look at this dog we got in, he has a big head."Anyone who knew my Desi knew that was a selling point. So here we are 10-1/2 months later and he is an absolute perfect fit, and someone who can actually physically handle Olivia. Good things are worth waiting for.


Sandy came to us 4-years ago and she was very need&afraid. We brought her into our home with our 5-year old jake. He was none too happy about her coming into our house. Since then, she is just an absolute joy to have around. The two Goldens play constantly and she is just a love. We couldn't be without her!


Shyanne was originally rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri. She was, unfortunately, orphaned when her first forever parents passed on&came to us almost 3-years ago. True to her name, she was very shy, but has now learned to enjoy going out&socializing. We are all enjoying our retirements.


Sonny is from Turkey&has an amazingly calm disposition. Everyone whe meets him just loves him!


Toby was an owner surrender. We adopted Toby when he was 5-months old and he has been a pure joy and the best addition to our family. He loves visiting his Golden cousins in maryland, and loves to swim and play.


Danny is a playful handful of Golden love. He has a mischievous nature, is full of energy, and usually has a mouthful of our clother.


Trixie was part of 9 puppies from superstorm Sandy. She is so sweet and gentle and loves people and her cat brothers and sisters. We feel so fortunate that LIGRR let us adopt her.


Willow is from Turkey. She loves belly rubs and snuggling and, of course, counter surfing. My life would not be the same without this unconditioinal love. She is always happy and appreciative and whows this by always wagging her tail. She alos talks all the time to le me know she loves ma.