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WALL OF FAME 2017-2018

As we move away from summer and into the colder weather we once again launch our biggest single fundraiser of the year - the Wall of Fame. This is your chance to acknowledge your loving canine, feline or human friend. It is a special time - your time of fame. Your name is placed among those who have supported LIGRR.

I have been with LIGRR for more than 17 years and president for many of those years. People have asked me why, after all of these years, I continue to put forth so much effort for this group. It is because it gives a great pleasure to be part of a family of Golden people who love their dogs as much as I do.

Some people in my LIGRR family serve as board members, making decisions and doing hours and hours of work with the group. These incredible people test and transport dogs, do home visits, and adoptions. In their "spare time" they do fundraising events. Without these people there would be no LIGRR.

Some people join us as a team of fundraisers, who help us continue to raise the money we need to treat the dogs that arrive. They often arrive with no warning. The reasons vary; someone is moving or someone has an allergic relative moving in, some are divorcing or can't afford to treat their sick dog. Those of you who know our group know that we never refuse a dog for any of these reasons. This team is a huge help to the dogs in need. Some people foster our dogs until they find a "furever" home, giving that dog the opportunity to live in a home while waiting for the perfect family.

Let's not forget our wonderful veterinary professionals who work with our dogs and with us to keep our costs down. These people are the front line for healing our dog's bodies.

Last, but certainly not least, our adopters. They take a dog that they know for 15 minutes into their home offer them love, patience and understanding. This leap of faith is a gift to this dog that needs you to heal his heart. You are a true gift to LIGRR. That Golden that you have just adopted appreciates your kindness and love more than people can understand.

If you have been with us for any period of time you will know that we have been taking dogs from Turkey without ever letting a domestic dog be forgotten. In the past few months we have taken a 13 year old dog whose skin was the worst our vet had ever seen. After much testing it turned out that she had been so infested with fleas that her skin was seriously damaged. She had eye and ear infections and a huge cyst on her side. After medical treatment she settled into her foster home where she promptly worked her way into their hearts. She is a happy dog and will spend the rest of her life never again having to worry about her care.

About the same time that she came to us; we were asked to take another dog from Turkey, our 30th Turkey dog. I was told that she had something wrong with her foot. Seeing her limp around in Turkey, we knew that we had to help her. Once here she saw an orthopedist who felt that two of her toes needed to be amputated. Doing that was the only way to get rid of the infection that was climbing up her leg. She made great progress but there was still something not quite right. Follow up vet appointments showed that she had a fractured pelvis. She has a long road ahead of her but I am confident that when everything has been done she will lead a happy life in her new home.

LIGRR Family; this is where YOU come in. This is the 17th year we have done the Golden Gifts Wall of Fame. It has been a wonderful fundraising campaign for LIGRR. YOUR generous donations help us to "keep our heads above water" financially. A major portion of LIGRR's expenses are veterinary bills. In addition, it is quite costly to transport our Turkey Dogs to loving homes in the U. S. Your generosity will help us to both pay for the medical expenses of severely neglected dogs, and also to bring abandoned Goldens to their Forever Homes in America.

We realize that many of you "give from the heart", and expect nothing in return, other than knowing that you have helped to improve the lives of Goldens in need. However, we are very grateful for your assistance & want to acknowledge your generous spirit with a gift. When you make a donation to LIGRR's Wall of Fame, your name (or the name of someone you love) will be placed on the virtual Wall of Fame below. You will also receive a "Thank you" gift based on the amount of your donation. We want to acknowledge YOU and reward your generosity. We truly could not do what we do without your financial support. We do the hands-on piece of Golden rescue and YOU are "the wind beneath our wings".

Honor a loved one (person or dog), or give a space on "the Wall" and Golden Gifts to someone special on your holiday list. The Wall of Fame is a thoughtful memorial for a dog or dog lover who has passed. Or just put YOUR name there and be proud to have helped such loving dogs.

THANK YOU to everyone who has given so generously in the past. Let's make the 2017-2018 Wall of Fame the Biggest and Best one ever!

Here are the Donation Categories and your "Thank You" Gifts:

Best wishes for the upcoming holiday season to our LIGRR Family (both human and Golden). We have the BEST adopters in the world! Thank you for your continuing support, both in providing exemplary homes for our rescued Goldens, and for the financial assistance which enables us to continue on our mission of saving lives.

Donations may be made by:

  1. Check payable to LIGRR and mailed to:
    Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc.
    P.O. Box 566
    Plainview, New York 11803-0566

Additional ways to help LIGRR:

Rescue Hero - $500 and up donation

In Memory of Eclipse and Mozart - InspirationIn Memory of Mick, the Golden Puppy
George BakerPeter and Roberta Gottlieb
Ellen BerkIn celebration of Juliette
Jana and Gary KronLynn Thompson
In honor of MickMalanie Thanking all who help LIGRR

Best in Show - $250 and up donation

Barbara Kuznetz In loving memory of AshyLee and Jack LipmanRon Schlumph
Paul and Karen CocoPatricia BowlesIn memory of Pearl Michalow

Leader of the Pack - $100 and up donation

Maxwell DeLorean WhiteMarilyn and Daniel O'LearyMartha and Daniel SantamariaJohn Dougherty
Nancy and Ron IsraeliJanice ChewAnn and Tom CuhajLynn Corriss
Maxwell Morris and Pongo WhiteThomas and Christine SpeicherJohn GarveyDennis and Doreen Daly
Gilda and Charles OmageMichael and Eileen DicristofaroKathryn and JohnIn memory of Jay
Bernice GreeneSusan LevineBarbara and Christopher KrucherJonathan Maller
Terence and Ann ShirlowVinnie and Geraldine RaabDon Candee and Debby LewisMichael and Barbara Amatrudo
Dwight and Kathleen BurtonVictoria Gilmore and Terry GreissPatricia and Edward SchlingMargretta Johnson-Sally
In memory of RubyIn memory of Tyler, Ollie, and Charlie ScalaBest wishes from Nassau Dog Training ClubSherry Plevretes
In memory of EclipseEugene and Mary GabrellDon Candee and Debby LewisDarlene D'Ambra

Faithful Companion - $50 and up donation

Michael and Kim ClarkeSusan and Gary NappoIn living memory of MaggieVirginia and Dominick CarotenutoIn honor of Pebbles
Robert SchwartzDr. Pearl MichalowIn memory of Hailey and MaggieFor BrodieBarbara Robinson
Connie SpellmanPamela and Andre LecorreSean and Clorinda BradyWilliam WhaleyLawrence and Cindy Zabinski
Melissa StarinMichael SerifSteven and Deborah SpiroMargaret HarboyAnthony and Margaret Barenzano
Matthew and Debra WilkoffTom and Joe long may you wag!Theresa NicoladseRosemary Cosentino and Walter WinnitzkiClaire and Christine Wallace
Ms Kisa DursoIn honor of CaseyOakley WoodGina OmageSally Hobson
In memory of HobbesHenry Speicher Jr.Marcelino Santiago and Terry BainMarea PisaniDale and Karen Broadbent
Lawrence and Carol FriedmanJoan and William WolfeJanice FiscinaMichael KorbDouglas and Stephanie Elgort

Good Dog - $25 and up donation

Daniel and Adrienne DavidsonCarol Keegan KayneDominick and Alina DursoChristopher GattusoMarc and Loree TandRalph and April Iervoline
Robert and Amy RubinEdward and Susan CavanaughJohn and Rosemarie LeignadierDavid DimitriClaudia and Stanley KaufmanEllen Broselow and Daniel Finer
John and Daphine SuchoparIn memory of Hershey LevineMurray WilkowMichael and Allison CoyneCeleste and Michael Liberatore 

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