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WALL OF FAME 2018-2019

If you have been following Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue for any time, you will have noticed that we have, in addition to taking dogs from Long Island, the 5 boroughs and slightly north of that … taken an increased number of dogs from Turkey. As of today we have rescued 43 dogs from the shelters of Turkey. The first group of five dogs arrived on a cargo flight of 18 dogs. Recently, we have been getting two at a time. Most of our dogs from Turkey have arrived in good health. We did get a young dog in the first group who had a dislocated hip. After surgery she did beautifully and when you see her run you cannot even image that she ever had a serious hip problem. People have asked about this; please know that we never leave a domestic dog without a home. We are thrilled to be able to help these dogs from Turkey as well.

As I look back at the past 18 years that I have been with LIGRR I am amazed at how our group has grown and how we have been true to our original mission statement (written before I became a member of LIGRR.)

Our Mission - Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. (LIGRR) is a non-profit organization operated exclusively by volunteers dedicated to improving the quality of life of Golden Retrievers who are neglected, abused, or abandoned. Services are also provided to owners who can no longer care for their Golden Retriever. It is our mission to provide veterinary care and loving adoptive homes for any Golden in need - no matter whether the dog is a young puppy or a senior citizen.

Each dog that comes in is so special to us and each one is treated as if it were our own dog. The members of our board work very hard to find a good match for the dog, therefore making a great match for the adoptive family as well.

This year, I evaluated a strong and pushy dog at a local municipal shelter who said hello by body slamming me and pinching me gently with his teeth. To say that this was not going to be the easiest placement was an understatement. At about the same time I received an e-mail from a previous adopter telling me of the passing of his dog. He was very clear that he was not ready to welcome a new dog into his home yet. Thankfully, he was willing to foster this energetic dog and get him on the road to better manners. As luck would have it, a close friend of his took a liking to this dog, and now has an amazing life with his new family.

Several years ago we were asked to take 2 young dogs that were living in a home that was not a good place for them. At six months they had not been outside and were not house broken. Two months later we took their mom and litter mate. Four young dogs are now in loving homes, great right? After 3 years the same owner called us to take the 2 remaining dogs in the house. Many people shed tears knowing that we had finally gotten them all.

Toby arrived here from Turkey with 3 badly broken teeth and a likely infection as a result of problem teeth. He now is free of pain and enjoying life in this country with a loving family.

We need you now as much as we needed you 18 years ago when I joined this group. Please continue to support our work in any way that you can so that, so that together we can continue to support the breed of dogs that is so near and dear to our hearts.

Here are the Donation Categories and your "Thank You" Gifts:

Best wishes for the upcoming holiday season to our LIGRR Family (both human and Golden). We have the BEST adopters in the world! Thank you for your continuing support, both in providing exemplary homes for our rescued Goldens, and for the financial assistance which enables us to continue on our mission of saving lives.

Donations may be made by:

  1. Check payable to LIGRR and mailed to:
    Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc.
    P.O. Box 566
    Plainview, New York 11803-0566

Additional ways to help LIGRR:

Rescue Hero - $500 and up donation

Vicki and Ted WenderSusan and Patrick Vitek
In memory of Lenny DiamondPeter and Roberta Gottlieb
Gary and Jana KronIn Celebration of Juliette
Lynn ThompsonMelanie Mayo
George Baker 

Best in Show - $250 and up donation

Bill JamesLee and Jack LipmanPaul and Karen Coco
Callista TullyBernice GreeneBrian and Jacqueline Finnegan
Gerry and Vinnie RaabSusan and Daniel MahoneyIn loving memory of Tyler, Ollie and Charlie Scala
Brian and Jacqueline FinneganEdward and Linda Cathcart 

Leader of the Pack - $100 and up donation

In Memory of Lois ValbuenaJohn GarveyLawrence and Cindy ZabinskiBarbara Robinson
Marjorie and Joel WecksellMelissa StarinMarilyn O'LearyJohn and Kathryn Kollegger
Robert and Tara MorrisGerard PicardiSusan and Gary NappoNancy and Ron Israeli
Richard and Pamela RubinsteinJonathan MallerBarbara and Christopher KrucherDennis and Doreen Daly
Claudia Beck and Kieran O'KeefeGilda and Charles OmageKalpana Thakore and Gregory MeydingRoger Begelman and Fern Goldstein
Deborah AufieroMargaret HarboyAndrea OliveroMargretta and Patrick Johnson-Sally
Sherry PlevretesPatricia and Edward SchlingPatricia DillonThomas and Christine Speicher
Darlene D'AmbraAnn and Thomas CuhajTerrence and Ann ShirlowSharon and Mel Berman
Eugene and MaryGabrellLynn CorrissFrancis Koch 

Faithful Companion - $50 and up donation

Shawn and Julia KucharskiDavid and Diane DimitriJessica BollenbachVirginia and Dominick CarotenutoAnn Marie and Brian Ward
Michael and Eileen DicristofaroDwight and Kathleen BurtonMichael and Linda HeaneyHenry Speicher Jr.Gina Omage
James TerlizziClaire WallaceIn Memory of Howard SchultheisRobert LositoDale and Karen Broadbent
Don Candee and Debby LewisAnthony and Margaret BarenzanoTerence and Patricia MeehanIn Memory of Barbara KerstenJoseph Martin
LIGRR Board in memory of Misty Acker    

Good Dog - $25 and up donation

Victoria and Wilson QuinonesIn Memory of PattyRobert and Amy RubinCarol Keegan KaneCaroline BarryConnie Spellaman
Julie McCainPaul LoganMarc and Laurie TandThomas ands Margretta CrowleyRobert and Dolores O'BrienChristopher Gattuso
Joseph and Veronica VerdeChristine Compagnino and Robert McGroryKaren KumpfMindy DavidsonKaren KumpfRalph and April Iervolino
Michael and Allison CoyneMeredith CardunerDominick and Alina DursoLeigh and Joseph Willsen  

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