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WALL OF FAME 2023–2024

Dear Golden family,

It seems like just yesterday that I updated everyone about recent rescues. We have had a busy year.

Quite a few Goldens found themselves in need of new homes as the world opened up and people went back to work. As with the previous years we have dogs from different situations. We again took some dogs from the streets of Turkey. These dogs find a new life out of a shelter in Turkey into the loving homes of a LIGRR family. While the international dogs have been a huge success we have found ourselves with quite a few domestic Goldens in need of our help. We placed a dog with a heart condition who was surrendered, not because of his heart issue, but because the family could not manage his young dog behavior. He is happy and healthy in his new home. Some older dogs were adopted through us because of truly catastrophic situations. Other people have found themselves overwhelmed with their new work schedule after having been home for so long.

In addition to the slow intake of adult dogs; we were asked to help dogs from the Amish in Pennsylvania. We took a dog that had spent her life birthing puppies. She was no longer going to be breed and therefore she needed to go. It is a frightening fact that dogs, of all ages, that are not sold are killed by the Amish. A momma dog had the worst ear infection that I have ever seen. She is now in great shape living with a loving family. Recently, we have been asked to help very young puppies. To date we have placed 18 puppies from this source. Each puppy has been placed into the loving arms of LIGRR families.

Going forward we are hoping to be able to continue saving all of these needy dogs. Please help us by volunteering; we are in need of people to do home visits, help at events, and foster when needed. Please support these fundraisers and others that we do so that every dog coming into LIGRR continues to get the medical care that it needs.

Here are the Donation Categories and your "Thank you" Gifts:

Never Miss a Golden Opportunity,


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Other ways you can help

Facebook - Please join LIGRR's Facebook Group by searching Long Island Golden Retriever on facebook.com. From our page select "group". You will be asked to answer a few of our policy questions in order to join. Please make sure to answer ALL of the questions. We would love for you to share pictures and rescue stories featuring your beautiful Goldens.

The Barkery Long Island - www.thebarkeryli.com. Owned by two time adopters and LIGRR volunteers, support LIGRR in multiple ways. 10% of every purchase goes to rescue. Make sure to select LIGRR at checkout. Also purchase items from The Barkery Rescue Wish list - The items as well as 10% of the purchase will be donated to LIGRR.

Hunting Horn Jewelry - http://huntinghornjewelry.com - generously donated a beautiful sterling silver golden retriever pendant as our thank you gift for the $500+ donation. Established in 1986, Hunting Horn is dedicated to creating the very finest in design and workmanship in dog breed jewelry. Kathy 203-733-2793

Facebook Birthday Fund Raiser - Make your Birthday even more meaningful - Create a Birthday Fund Raiser and donate to LIGRR

  1. Go to your Facebook account
  2. Go to your "home" page and look on the left side column. You should see the "fundraiser" option under "Create" at the bottom. Click on "fundraiser"
  3. Pick your charity - It's listed under "Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue"
  4. Set your fundraising goal and timeframe.
  5. Invite people on your friends' list.
  6. Thank people as they donate and watch numbers go up! Seriously, these people are donating because of YOU.

And then, have fun!!

Facebook has created a Fundraising Toolkit to help you with your efforts! Just click the button under the Fundraising Toolkit to access that resource.

Volunteer - Fill out a volunteer application:

Support our fundraisers by joining us at the events that we attend:

Foster - We are always looking for more foster families for our dogs. This year as we took several groups of puppies; fostering has become even more vital than in years past. Although fostering all age groups is very important, if we want to continue to help these puppies we need your help. We need people willing to take 2-3 puppies until they are adopted. In addition to adult dog fostering.

If you are interested, you will need to fill out our foster application. We will be in touch to discuss your home environment; to ensure a good match. You could be the first stop to ensuring a successful new home for a dog in need.

Rescue Hero - $500 and up donation

Peter and Roberta GottliebWilliam Bald
Susan VitekGary and Jana Kron


Best in Show - $250 and up donation

Patricia DillonJeanne ReeseCallista Tully
Susan and Gary NappoJ W BabcockClifford and Eileen Redmond


Leader of the Pack - $100 and up donation

Margretta Johnson-SallyJonathan MallerSusan and Daniel MahoneyMichael and Eileen Dicristofaro
Margaret HarboyGerard PicardiJanet PomeranzLinda and Kevin Heaney
Michael and Barbara AmatrudoMelissa StarinConnie SpellmanPatricia McCauley
Kevin and Barrie Lyn FosterNancy and Ron IsraeliThomas and Margaret HarrimanMartha and Daniel Santamaria
Claudia BeckKathryn and John KolleggerMatthew DohenyBarbara and John Bennett
Therese and Joseph PiegareMatthew DohenySuan and Daniel MahoneyAnthony and Margaet Barenzano
Virginia KemnitzerJennifer RobbinsCarolyn FlynnYn Yin Su
Mary and Eugene GabrellJohn GarveyJanice Chew 


Faithful Companion - $50 and up donation

Connie SpellmanVirginia and Dominick CarotenutoHenry Speicher, Jr.Arlene GoscinskiSusan Levine
Susan and Willian WrigleyGeraldine and Regina TomanelliJohn Kelly and Carol HalbigMargaret and Patrick Johnson-SallyBrian and Debra Vogel
In memory of Carolyn CostanzoOakley Wood in memory of DaisyRobert CapriolaLinda MontanoThomas and Brigitta Crowley
Claire and Christine WallaceBruce Butt and Teresa RobertsonJoe MartinJoanne and Glenn KrapfBlair and Marjorie Beaudet
Robert and Marylou WhitcombPat BowlesMindy DavidsonDouglas ElgortCharles Freeman
Virginia Carotenuto    


Good Dog - $25 and up donation

Steven FraimanMindy DavidsonAndrew and Amy IskolsClaudia and Stanley KaufmanAllan and Regina RosenthalCathleen and Joseph Terrano
Carol and Eric KayneRobert and Amy RubinPaul LoganDavid Dimitri and Diane KnowlesMichelle Delmonte and Patricia DuffySisters of St Dominic
Karen FarrellMichael and Patricia DohertySusan LevineValerie WaltersJason Plamjack 


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