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Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue
Wall of Fame 2016-2017

A Heartfelt Thank You from Everyone at Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue

To the Wonderful People who have so Generously Contributed to our "Wall of Fame":

The volunteers at LIGRR are tremendously appreciative of your help. Without your financial assistance, we would never be able to do what we do.

The Golden Retrievers we rescue and re-home each year are even more grateful. Your gifts and your caring have directly impacted their lives in a wonderful way!

Historically, the vast majority of LIGRR's expenses have been of the veterinary medical kind. Prior to going to his/her new home, each LIGRR dog must be up to date on their basic vaccinations, and spayed or neutered. If the pet comes into rescue and is not up to date on shots and altered, Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue will provide this service (at our expense). This is the simplest and most basic medical care we provide. Our dogs say "Thank you" for that.

However, the list of medical conditions and expenses escalates from that point. Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue dogs are also grateful for:

The ability to walk and play pain-free for the first time in their lives (our hip dysplasia dogs who require expensive orthopedic surgery).

Relief from skin allergies and chronic, painful ear infections, due to undiagnosed and untreated medical conditions.

Emergency medical intervention, in the case of dogs who develop bloat (a life threatening condition which must be corrected immediately), and also our youngsters (and sometimes not so young dogs!) who ingest foreign objects, and require costly abdominal surgery to save their lives.

The list of medical problems our Golden Retrievers face goes on and on. Fortunately, they have LIGRR and they have you, and in spite of the rough start (or rough life) many of our dogs have had, they have the support of many kind people who care.

Our newest Goldens in need are our "Turkey Dogs", literally world travelers and refugees from a life in the forest and on the streets of Turkey. Once they were no longer a status symbol, they were cruelly abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Rescuing these Turkish Goldens is a project which has been taken on by many U.S. Golden Retriever rescue groups. It is very costly, but for the Goldens who come to the United States, it is the ultimate Happy Ending.

We are overwhelmed with the generosity shown to Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue. We simply cannot thank you enough. Please be assured that your donation goes directly "to the dogs" (no salaries, no overhead)...just for our Golden Retrievers. THANK YOU!

What more can we say? "Thank you" doesn't seem like enough. Please know that your kindness has touched so many Golden hearts.

Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue Volunteers, on behalf of our rescued Goldens