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Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue
Wall of Fame 2018-2019

Thank You Wall-of-Fame Donors!

As our annual Wall of Fame comes to a close. I want to thank everyone for their generous support. Your donations allow us to continue to do what we love most ... Save Golden Retrievers. This past year has brought us several senior dogs who were in dire need of medical care. Your donations brought them the care that they needed. We had several young wild dogs whose families were unable to manage them. Your donations assured that they find homes that could manage their energy. We had dogs from people who were ill or had passed away. Your donations helped these needy dogs find homes to welcome them in when they were alone. We had dogs that were abandoned on the streets of Turkey, who were left to find food for themselves. With your donations they came here to a new a home across the globe where they could sleep in a home, where their meals were given to them on a regular basis and they were given medical care. We are preparing to do something previously unthinkable. We are joining Golden Retriever Rescue groups across the country to bring dogs from the meat industry in China. We could not continue to do the things we do without your help. Thank you for your donations to this year's wall of fame. Each and every dog who has ever been placed thanks you for your support and so do the members of the Long Island Golden Retriever family.

Never Miss a Golden Opportunity,