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Hobbs is our fifth golden retriever and our only male. It's hard to say which has been more affectionate but Hobbs is in a league of his own. He is from Turkey and came to us 5 years ago. He has never done anything wrong and is just so happy to be living in what he thinks is Disney World! He is a true gentleman and a sweetheart. He loves other dogs but is more in love with people. At a dog park he says hello to his friends but he mostly goes from person to person and greets them. Then he makes them pet him and continues on to the next victim! He's a true natural therapy dog! Everyone that meets him falls in love He's just a pure joy! And we love him so much!



Souki came to us very sad, timid, and extremely overweight. Souki's owner surrendered her as he had to relocate and was unable to care for her. Slowly over time she came into her own and began to trust us. The first week she sat by our front door as if she was awaiting his return. We eventually gained her trust. Every evening we began short walks to help with weight loss. Almost 7 years later Souki is the most playful, energetic, and happy pup. She is always by our side wherever we go. Dog parks are not much her thing as she is a smaller stature golden and tends to be nervous around other dogs.

We are so grateful to LIGRR for our Souki.