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In Memory of Hobbes

Such a difficult tribute to write. Hobbes became my best buddy in August of 2014. LIGRR placed him with me, after he had been "returned" by several homes before me. As soon as I saw him sitting in a crate, I knew I wanted him to come home with me.

That day was the start of a wonderful connection - one that grew and grew - into a friendship like none other I've had with a dog. And it with the heaviest of hearts that I write with the sad news that Hobbes died suddenly on Saturday, December 30th. Unexpected. Unexplained. Inconceivable. To say I am heartbroken does not begin to describe my feelings right now.

But through this grief, I wanted to pay tribute to this most amazing dog that I had in my life far too briefly. Though I've had many dogs in my life, I have never met a dog with such a love for life as Hobbes. He was happy ALL THE TIME. I often joked that his tail never stopped wagging - even when he slept. He was goofy, loving, playful, an insane ball fanatic, and an incredibly loyal and devoted companion. His tail was another favorite "toy" for him, with many an evening running himself in circles as he chased it until he caught up with it. Sometimes he would try a sneak attack on it...growling at it if it moved. Too funny.

Most mornings I awoke to Hobbes' face right in mine....leash in his mouth. "Let's go Mig....time for a walk." If I didn't move quickly enough, he left, and came back with my car keys...."Let's go Mig.....can we go for a ride in the truck?" And if I still lingered in bed, he would conveniently press the button on my car remote to set off the alarm. He wasn't particularly subtle!

I could go on and on with the stories of the goofy things he would do on a daily basis. Like many goldens, he was wonderfully good-natured. But there was something more about Hobbes that made everyone who met him just fall in love with him. My grandson, who was so afraid of dogs, took to Hobbes immediately and Hobbes to him. As if Hobbes had a sense to be particularly gentle and loving with him. To say he was special does not do him justice. But I can't find another word that fits.

I have had more laughter and smiles in the few short years I've had with Hobbes than I thought possible. He has become part of the fabric of my life, and with the grief so fresh, it's hard to imagine life without him.

I hope you can post this tribute to him, along with the picture of this beautiful friend who left this world way too soon....

Love you Chooch (our favorite nick-name for him)...I miss you. Beth misses you. Everyone does....