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In Memory of Juniper (Junie)
August 19, 1997 - August 13, 2011

I adopted Juniper (Junie) on July 1st, 1998. A Long Island family bought her as a Christmas gift for their young children and quickly realized they did not have the time to care for a young dog.

Junie was the most wonderful companion.  She was smart, sweet and gentle. To quote a friend "She had wise eyes which saw into the souls of people". Junie never met a person who didn't fall in love with her, and she never ceased to amaze everyone with her sensibility. She had three great loves: beach, balls, and babies. Junie also became a therapy dog and volunteered with seniors and children. She was a natural and thrived on the reciprocity of these interactions.

Junie loved to lie on the beach, roll her tennis ball toward the water and patiently wait for the waves to bring the ball back to her. She charmed everyone she encountered. No exceptions. She loved to engage new people and particularly children in games of fetch. Only the humans would be doing the fetching. She would stand on top of stairs and throw a ball so the humans would chase it. And she'd wait patiently for them to retrieve the ball and toss it back to her. She loved to engage kids who stood outside the dog park. She would stand on her hind legs and toss the ball over the fence towards eager passers-by who would delight in this unique twist on an old classic.

Junie passed away six days shy of her 14th birthday. She was playing on the beach four days before her death. She was not feeling well for a couple of days and the vet thought she had a stomach virus. When she did not improve I rushed her to the hospital where it was discovered her chest and stomach were filled with blood caused by a tumor which burst. She died on the operating table. Unaware she even had cancer, she enjoyed life until the end and for that I am thankful, although the shock and suddenness of this is slow to wear off.

Junie touched people in a unique way and she craved human interaction like oxygen.

I nicknamed her Junie-Joyful. She spread happiness everywhere she went and I had the privilege to go on this journey with her.

Mara Robaschek