A 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization

A Letter From the President

January 2024

Dear Golden Family,

Here we are again sending out our update from the past year. I often think that I should do this more than once a year and then I get busy doing what we always do — rescue Goldens…and another year flies by.

Every dog's journey is different – As people began to really go back to our pre-Covid lives, many found that the puppy they bought when they worked virtually was more than they could manage when working all day out of the house. Additionally, some families fell into hard times and had no choice but to find another home for their beloved pet.

We were contacted by a woman who had divorced, her house went into foreclosure and she was forced to move in with her parents. Here she was a woman in her 50's asking her mother is if she could keep her dog and her mom said "no". She posted on our Facebook page and someone (not a person from our LIGRR family) commented "Who would do this? Why would anyone do this?" My reply was I know why she did this and you should be very happy that you are not in her situation.

We had a dog who had visited the local animal shelter many times and the family finally called us. He was in danger of being hit by a car several times. He now has settled into a loving home where he is safe.

I received a call from a young woman whose apartment building had a fire. She was unable to find housing for herself and her dog. She decided that she would join the military and she placed her best friend in our care.

I have been privileged to be the president of LIGRR for many years – it's something that I take pride in. Each of these stories stays with me long after the dogs are in their new home.

Recently, we were called by a man who lives in Pennsylvania; he helps dogs that might not otherwise leave the puppy mills alive. Together we find these dogs a family. We have taken a mill mom who had the worst ear infection that I have ever seen. She now sleeps in a house and has the life that she clearly deserves. We have been especially excited to get about 25 puppies from the Amish. These puppies will never know the harsh life of being a mill parent.

Please join us in helping these precious dogs get to their forever homes. We are in need of help. We need people to do home visits, people to volunteer at events and people who can foster dogs until they find their new home. Please join our Facebook page. (It is a closed group so please answer the questions that are asked.)

Never Miss a Golden Opportunity.