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Placing an order is a simple process:

  1. Determine what you want to order and fill in the form on this page.
  2. Select the Item you wish to purchase by filling in the quantity and the Color and / or Size if required. If you order multiple quantities, you can either specify multiple sizes and colors in the Color and / or Size box or fill in the information in the "Any message or special instructions?" box.
  3. Enter any donation amount you want to contribute. It will be included in the total of your order.
  4. Enter any special instructions and or notes you need in the special instructions area.
  5. Click on the "Calculate Total" button to calculate the total amount of your order plus donation.
  6. You can make any changes and recalculate as many times as you want.
  7. You may want to print a copy of this your final order screen before you "Process Order".
  8. Once you have finalized what you want, click on "Process Order".
  9. When you click "Process Order", you will be given a confirmation dialog box. This will show your total amount. (This is calculated when you click "Calculate Total" and again when you click "Process Order".) Write this amount down, you will need it to make your payment. We will not remember it for you.
  10. Click "OK" to continue with submitting your order.
  11. Your order is then emailed to LIGRR Inc. and you are taken to a Payment page.
  12. On the Payment page, you will be presented with an option of mailing LIGRR Inc. a check to pay for your order or paying for your order using PayPal. Either way, you will need the total from this page to make the payment. We do not carry your total over to the payment page.
Zip Code:

Color and/or Size

Unit Price Extended Price
Mugs $6.00 ea
or 2 for $10.00
T-Shirts (Golden in Heart) $15.00 ea.
Long Sleeve Shirts (Golden in Heart) $20.00 ea.
Sweatshirts (Golden in Heart) $20.00 ea.
Notepad $6.00 ea.
or 2 for $10.00
Note Card $6.00 ea.
or 2 for $10.00
Golden Magnets $5.00 ea.
Bumper Sticker $6.00 ea.
Pin $5.00 ea.
Keychain $3.00 ea.
or 2 for $5.00
NY Sales Tax 8.75%
Shipping & Handling See Table

Donation: Any donation you feel like making in addition
to your order would be greatly appreciated.

Your choice

Any message or special instructions?

Shipping and Handling Charges

For orders totaling:

Up to $30.00 add $3.99
$30.01 to $45.00 add $4.99
$45.01 to $60.00 add $6.99
$60.01 to $80.00 add $7.99
$80.01 and above add $8.99

For Canadian orders, overseas orders, or orders going to a military base, email us your order and we will advise you of the shipping charges prior to sending your order.

Please note: UPS cannot deliver to a P. O. Box.