A 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization

The Spirit of Rescue

Hi. You have reached the website for Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue. If you have come here in search of a purebred dog at an "affordable" price, please go back to surfing the net–that's not what we"re all about. On the other hand, if you would like to be part of a Miracle in a needy dog's life, Welcome. We need you and our dogs need you.

Practically every breed of dog has its own rescue organization. Some groups are busier than others, simply because of the popularity of certain breeds. Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in America, so we have our work cut out for us. Speaking of "us", here's a little group bio...there are about ten or twelve key members of LIGRR. We are women and men. We range in age from twenty-something to sixty-something. Most of us have "day jobs". We are from varied social and professional backgrounds. The points we have in common are the things that keep us together: we love dogs, we are all volunteers, and we do what we have to do "at the drop of a hat".

Perhaps you may be wondering how a rescued Golden Retriever actually comes to his/her new home. There are a number of steps involved. Once we have the initial paperwork, the dog is evaluated by a LIGRR volunteer. Shelter dogs who pass evaluation are transported, possibly by a different volunteer, to be boarded at an animal hospital, or foster home. (Dogs living with their original family will stay there, if possible, until they are adopted.) The next step is for the Adoption Committee to scan Adoption Applications and see if we have a family who would be a good match for a particular dog. A Home Visit is then done by a volunteer and if the family is approved, an appointment is set up for them to see their potential newest family member. At that point, providing everyone is happy, the rescued Golden Retriever goes to its Forever Home.

These are just the most basic steps which are involved in facilitating an adoption. There are many other pieces involved. We pull together and do them all because we love "our" dogs. And our "spirit" is that we do what we have to do to give a good life to every Golden who crosses our path.

However, the Spirit of Rescue goes way beyond us. It goes all the way to you, the Adoptive Family. Everyone wants the "perfect" dog, but what happens to the "imperfect" dog? Maybe your ideal pet is a young female, but we have three five year old males available. Can you open your heart to one of those sweet boys? We will never suggest a dog to you, unless we feel it would be a good match for you and your family. Please trust us and go for that leap of faith! So maybe you didn't want a boy...but just maybe he will become the Love of Your Life. (FYI: We do a Lot of placements. Often, the most successful adoptions are those in which the adoptive families were flexible, and let us guide their choice.)

How about considering an older dog? We get more seniors than I like to think about...sweet, non-demanding Loves who are content to lie at your feet and have their ears scratched. No marathon runs necessary for these guys; just a relaxed walk around the block will make their day. Yes, it is a sacrifice on your part. There"s no denying that it hurts to lose an Old Friend. But just think about the Gift you can give to a wonderful older dog that has lost its home in its twilight years...a sacrifice on your part, but the most wonderful gift in the world to an old friend. That is truly an example of the Spirit of Rescue.

Would you like to volunteer with LIGRR? We need solid, reliable people who can be available when they are needed. Sometimes, we are swamped with work, but we are hesitant to call new people because they often are unavailable. We need volunteers who can say "Yes!" in a heartbeat. Is that you? If so, Please contact us!!!

FOSTER HOMES. To provide a foster home to one or more of our Goldens is possibly the most precious Gift you can give. Many people say, "Oh, but I couldn't do that", because it's too hard to say "Goodbye" when a Forever Home is found. Yes, it's hard to give up a dog who has found his/her way into your heart. But, consider the alternative–without the unselfish families who foster our dogs, old and/or sick dogs might die in the shelters. Instead, a LIGRR foster home can provide warmth, comfort and access to medical care which can literally save a dog's life. Is it tough to give your foster dog up? Yes. Is providing foster care for our homeless Goldens rewarding? Absolutely!!! (And one of the best parts of doing foster care is that if you fall in love with your foster dog, you can adopt him!)

Another part of doing rescue involves finances. We are always looking for new ways to raise funds, so we can pay our vet bills. Many of the dogs we take into rescue require veterinary care, and for some dogs it is extensive (and Expensive!!) If you would like to offer financial support for our worthy efforts, we would be very grateful. Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization, and as such, your donation is tax-deductible. If you have any great fund-raising ideas and would like to help us along those lines, please join us! We would appreciate your suggestions.

Last, and certainly not least, if you are one of our veterinary providers, Thank You!!! We are so grateful for the care with which you treat our precious rescues! We are always learning how to best care for our rescued Goldens, and we are constantly passing on our knowledge. Providing appropriate medical care for a rescue dog, who often has no known medical history, can be a challenge. We like to think that we"re learning together and we all benefit from the experience.

So exactly what is The Spirit of Rescue? Unselfishness. Kindness. Willingness to put a special dog"s needs before your own.

Being a part of Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue is a celebration of life, whether you are an adopter, a volunteer or a provider of medical services. What it all comes down to in the end is that we are all instrumental in saving the lives of these noble dogs. We are joined together in a fabulous venture! Come celebrate with us and make The Spirit of Rescue part of your life!!

Thank you, my friends, for all you do.