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Boomer and Zowie

We adopted Boomer in June of 2003. Boomer was brought to LIGRR after being tied up to a dog house almost his whole life. Boomer is a great dog and he was quite a handful, but we always thought we would like to have a sister for him.

In October we saw Zowie (formerly Chloe) on the LIGRR website. She was a cute little 6 month old who was kept in a crate because she liked to jump on the small children in the family.

We brought Boomer to the park to meet Zowie and we all fell in love immediately. We adopted her on the spot.

Now Zowie is the handful and Boomer has calmed down considerably. Boomer and Zowie love to play together and cannot be without the other for to long. They are our children and are duly spoiled. Both these beautiful Goldens deserve it because their first months on earth were not what they deserved.

Virginia and Anthony