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His name is Buddy. Yes, we have opened our doors to another four-legged friend, who has quickly become a member of the family. Buddy arrived on April 16th.

Buddy is a nine-year-old Golden Retriever who comes to us through the Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue organization (www.ligrr.org). He takes medication for a seizure and a thyroid problem, but you would not know it to look at him. He has plenty of energy and tons of love.

Buddy's former owner was terminally ill. They began looking to place Buddy last August. Between paperwork and other issues Buddy's placement was delayed. He spent much time alone while his owner was battling his illness. Though we were looking for a younger dog, we agreed to meet Buddy. If it was not a match, we were willing to foster him. As soon as we saw him from the car we thought about how difficult it would be to place an older dog with medical issues and knew he was coming home for good. It clearly was the right thing to do. It not only helped a dog who was bound to be homeless, but would comfort his former owner, knowing his best Bud was taken care of. Whether it was coincidence or spiritual intervention, Buddy's former owner passed away the very next day.

Within a month Lucy and Buddy have become great companions. He is great with other dogs, enjoying some rough-and-tumble play dates with neighbor Coalby. He is also very good with children and enjoys his hugs from Sara next door.

As many of you know, Lucy was a rescue as well. After nursing her back to health and getting her fit and trim, we really reap the rewards of unconditional love. Lucy was placed by PLUTO Rescue (plutorescue.petfinder.com). With the experience we have had with Lucy and Buddy we know that rescue is the way to go when looking for a pet. Buddy is a great example for adopting an older dog. There are no training issues, no puppy-like destructive chewing, and immediate love and affection.

Room for more love in your home? Available pets are waiting on both the PLUTO and LIGRR web sites.