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Dear Auntie Janet,

First off I want to thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for being the VERY BEST Foster Mom a girl could have. You took such good care of me and cleaned me up and gave me lot's of loving, I will always remember how good you were to me!

And now I want to thank you for finding me my "FOREVER" Home. I think I'm going to be very happy here. My new big brother is very funny, he still keeps trying to clean or kiss my face after I drink .. he's a silly boy! But he's fun to play with too! We both got to chase bunnies out of the yard last night. I got to meet 2 of my new neighbors yesterday too, and they were nice, I got lots of belly rubs - which is always a good thing!

I heard my new Mommy tell Daddy that they are going to take me to Total Pet Care this week and let me pick out my very own special toy and a new collar too! We were going to go to the Park yesterday, but it was too hot. Max & I played in the yard and I got to bite at the watering hose. I also heard my new Daddy say something about how he was going to see if K-mart still had those kiddie pools and he would get me one! I hope so, I really liked the one at your house!

Oh I got to sleep ON the big bed my first night, and that was really cool! Last night, my new mommy gave me a nice blanket and pillow and I slept all night on the floor right next to the big bed! I was a very good girl!

Here are few pictures for you...

Me & you!
Me & You and the silly big brother Max!

This picture was from last night.. We were in the nice cool Air Conditioning watching the Yankees game!

I hope I get to see you again Auntie Janet.. Lots of Tail wags & licks!


Janet - I can't thank you enough for finding this special girl for our family. She really is the sweetest. She has been so good. Her and Max are getting along just fine! Thanks so much for all your hard work and taking such good care of all the rescues that you do!

Take good care,