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We have had Charlie for 9 months now. Charlie was in a family who neglected him. We took him in and he became the "spoiled rotten dog"! Charlie has graduated from obedience school and was also the most popular dog in the class (as well as the smartest). He is also said to be the "prettiest dog in the neighborhood" by our neighbors. Charlie weighs a solid, healthy, 98 pounds, and the vet believes that he will probably be bigger. His nickname is "the Bear". He loves exercise; he keeps us in great shape going for 3-4 twenty-five minute walks a day. He is also a huge fan of the dog park, as well as Doggie Day Camp (a special treat for him when we will need to go out for a long period of time). Although he can be a handful sometimes, we have grown to love him so much! When we come home with groceries he is always waiting to find out what his little treat is. Charlie loves company, it is always "Charlie's Party". We are so glad to have him, he keeps us company, in shape, and most importantly he shows us unconditional love and he has taught us unconditional love also. He loves children and will be excited to have a new baby in our home one day soon!

Our love,
Diana and John

Charlie's First Day Home October 9, 2006
Charlie and Daddy Spring 2007
Charlie on our new couch Spring 2007