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I just wanted to drop you a little note telling you how well Dori and the family have adjusted. She is doing wonderfully. I am so glad that you twisted my arm and we went to see her. She is outstanding; she is so well behaved and a lovely addition to our family. She gets along great with the baby. The baby thinks she is a stuffed animal, but we are working on that. She does not have an aggressive bone in her body. I can't believe that someone would give her up. I am happy to report, that Dori has lost 3 pounds since joining our family. Its only been 4 weeks. I have also lost some weight as well.

I can't thank you enough for making this match made in heaven. She is a sweet and wonderful addition to the household and we hope to have her for many years. She is very happy to have two walks a day and the run of the house. She has a nice fluffy bed in our bedroom and is always surrounded by people. I should change her name to Velcro, because she doesn't leave your side and sucks the love out of you.

Please let me know when there is a Doggie Reunion; she is so wonderful around other dogs also, whereas Baby (the other Golden) was not able to be socialized.

Thanks again,