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Hi Everyone!!

As I promised, I am sending some pictures of our Duke. Duke is the light of our lives. We consider him more our "son" then we do our dog. He has fit into our extended family wonderfully. Everyone who meets him loves him. We feel so fortunate to have him in our lives.

Duke loves to play with his stuffed animal toys, play with his friends and snuggle with us. Every year he is the star of our Christmas card, which most of our friends keep on their refrigerators until the next one comes out the following year. Duke is truly a blessing. We thank you all so much for the wonderful work you do. When we think of Duke alone in some shelter in Islip it breaks our hearts. We are so lucky that you saved him. I can't imagine what would have happened to this gentle soul if he had not been found.

Just to let you know that one good deed does inspire another...we were in Cape Cod this summer with my family who also have a rescue golden. When my mom was walking their dog Honey and our Duke a lady stopped and asked my mom if she could pet the dogs. Of course my mom let her and as this lady was petting them she started to cry and tell my mom about her golden that she had just lost. My mom told her about how we came to adopt Honey and Duke and how wonderful it was to adopt an older dog. The lady seemed inspired and told my mom she would keep it in mind. Well less than a week later we saw this same lady on a walk with her brand new baby, Tia. She happened across an ad for a 3 year old black lab that needed a home. She said normally she wouldn't have paid attention to this ad because she thought she wanted a puppy, but remembered what my mom had said. Needless to say, she and Tia hit it off right away and when we saw them on their walk the lady thanked us profusely for opening her eyes to the idea of an older dog. So as I said one good deed does inspire another.

Well thanks again for all you do, you truly are angels.

All the best,