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Gus (Buster)

January 24, 2007

Just wanted to give you an update on Gus. We had many visitors over the holiday season and Gus won everyone over immediately, they loved him!!! On Christmas morning he very excitedly opened his stocking with his brother and sister and played with his toys in front of the fire all day long. We never knew we could love a dog who came to us in his senior years as much as if we raised him from a puppy but we do. He is a precious member of the family and so grateful for his home he is so affectionate and showers us with kisses every chance he gets.

We spent last week at the Lazy Dog Inn in New Hampshire and all three of our dogs had a ball (Gus is in the middle in the picture), including my two there were seven goldens staying that week and everyone got along great. Gus played very hard and I think he was happy to go home at the end of the week, he slept all the way home in the car.

Once again I must commend Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue for the wonderful work that you do and we will never miss a "Golden Opportunity" if we can help it.

Dianne & John

It didn't take Gus long to become a permanent family member he settled in right from the start and loves his normal daily routines. I bought him a big rubber ball and it seems to be his security blanket he carries it around with him wherever he goes. He is everything a golden retriever should be extremely loving, loyal and a good playmate for our other two dogs. He is happy and secure and knows he is loved.

Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to adopt him and the wonderful work you do for these beautiful dogs.