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Jesse (Jasper)

I wanted to send a picture of Jesse (Jasper) as I promised and give you an update on his progress.

Jesse is doing great and has finally settled in. He has calmed down considerably and has learned his basic commands...So well in fact that the postman had commented that Jesse was the most well behaved dog he has ever seen...although I have to admit he did catch Jesse on a day he had been particularly well behaved.

Jesse is such a lovable, smart, playful dog that I can't picture my life without him. After initially being very stubborn Jesse has really turned around and learned to listen very well.

He loves trying to curl up on my lap, as if he is a puppy, and completely knocks me over in the process. He has gained 15 pounds and is up to the vets recommended weight of 65 pounds.

Thank you so much for all your help...LIGRR is great.