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Killian (Tiger)

Hi Everyone!

I'm extremely sorry this note took so long to get to you, but I set out to write it so many time, only to never quite see it through. Killian (aka "Tiger") has settled in to become quite the beloved member of our sprawling family! And while part of the reason this note took so long to write, has much to do with wanting to be completely honest in saying that things were really good! Well, we have officially "arrived" and have been successful in our endeavor to help shape Killian into a more well behaved dog. And as you may well remember, "Tiger" was one tough cookie! It was a long few months of work, and as we expected, there were many times where we questioned our sanity! Now, I'm happy to say that the sweet and lovable part of Killian that was visible (albeit barely!) when we first met him, is now with us full-time. He is a lovable character, and an extremely comical member of our family, and the joy that this once -completely out of control dog- has brought to our family, is irreplaceable.

Yesterday, he had us all hysterical as he decided to use all his hunting skills to show a fly who is boss. Even the cat thought he was being unrealistic. Killian just stared at the bug - while completely motionless until the impulse to pounce would overcome him! Then of course the fly would "fly", leaving Killian sniffing around for the non-existent spoils of his hunt! He is a character! He has also learned to put that large snout of his to good use by opening the sliding screen door to let himself back in the house when he misses us, which ironically - is how the flies end up in the house in the first place! Killian really listens well now, and it's just so evident that now that he gets the pecking order, that all he wants out of life is to love and be loved.

I just wanted to thank you all at LIGGR for all your selfless service to these beautiful animals. Killian is another success story to add to the list, and it's only due to your collective love and caring, that these dogs in need find the second chance that they so desperately need. May God continually bless you all, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to be a part of such a happy ending. Much love and gratitude always,

Kathy and John and family