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October 24, 2006

Our Lucy turned 5 years old today and we celebrated by taking her on Sunday to PetSmart to redeem her free b-day gift -- Lucy picked out a 3-pack of tennis balls that squeak. She loves them but Barney loves them more.

We took Abby along for the ride and Abby picked out an oversized rope bone -- Barney loves that too!

We're so grateful to LIGRR and Melanie for knowing Lucy was the "perfect fit" for Barney after our beloved Max died. Lucy was our second rescued/adopted Golden. She quickly became the bride of Barney --they eat, sleep, wrestle and play bitey-face together. Having had 2 litters in 5 months (19 pups in total), she became the mommy of our pack. She is our most submissive, sweetest Golden (Albert is a close 2nd). She cries whenever you leave the house, cries when you come home, absolutely LOVES puppies and will lick your skin off your body if you let her.

Lucy's three favorite things are: (1) a soft bed/sleeping; (2) tennis balls; (3) snuggling and being petted.

Three words to described Lucy: Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest.

We love Lucy.