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I am so glad you followed up with an email. I got your message on my machine the other day and saved it so I could call you back and let you know how Max is doing. But this is much easier.

Max is doing so wonderfully. He and I have totally bonded and we are quite the team. He goes with me everywhere he can and we are just a happy family together.

Max has lost about 20 pounds and is fit and healthy! We go for long walks in the woods together and he swims and swims as much as he can.

We take longs walks around the city and Max likes to swim in the fountains. I don't think he had ever been in the water before and he LOVES it. As soon as he sees a fountain or a stream or even a puddle he wants to get in it as fast as he can.

He loves to take car rides, too. We are in training classes together to make me and Max better walking partners.

He is about the strongest dog I've ever met!

He has also made a few buddies in the neighborhood. He hangs out with Niko and Libby, and we all take walks together every night.

We are very happy together. He is the most mellow dog when he's in the apartment, he just likes to lie around and get his belly petted and chew on his bones.

I couldn't have asked for a better companion.

Thanks again for Max, he's so wonderful