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While making a weekly round at a local shelter, a volunteer spotted Penny. She looked up at the volunteer with barely a wag of her tail. Her eyes were liquid pools of brown sadness. Her emaciated body could barely hold up her slight weight. The volunteer was looking down at a beautiful Golden that had probably been neglected her whole life.

There was no question that this dog had to leave the shelter immediately, however her body was riddled with fleas.

The team went into action. One volunteer bathed Penny and took her from the shelter while another volunteer arranged to have her medical conditions evaluated.

She was taken directly from the shelter to the animal hospital where she received urgent medical attention. Blood tests were taken to assess her condition. There was a long list of possible conditions, many of which could be fatal to Penny.

An initial diagnosis of diabetes was confirmed and she began insulin injections which will become a way of life for her.

Through it all, this girl smiled, as we all know Goldens can and do.

Her foster Mom, once again opened her home and heart and accepted this sweetheart into her pack. She was given a well deserved meal, definitely the best meal of her life and then joined the family for a quiet evening of rest, relaxation, attention and love.

Penny's Happy Ending:

A few weeks after being fostered, Penny had to undergo an emergency spay because she had a life-threatening infection and she had to have a nodule on her breast removed. The surgery was a success and she went back to her foster home.

Penny continued with her insulin shots during each meal, but she didn't seem to mind at all. As the days went on, she became increasingly healthier and happier. She spent her time with her foster people enjoying her meals everyday, lapping up the positive attention, and having fun playing with the three other dogs in the home.

Penny was an incredibly grateful dog for the wonderful attention she was now receiving. One of her favorite times of day, of course, was meal time. She liked to go outside to the backyard right before her dinner and when she came back to the sliding glass door, she would sit down and wait. When she saw you approaching she would hop up and down with her front paws. Very cute!

Shortly after her fostering, Penny was adopted! Penny thought she was enjoying life when she was here, but when she got to her new home, she was overjoyed! She met her new people and her new dog sister who remarkably looks very similar to Penny! She plays and wrestles with her best friend every day. Penny lives in an apartment in Manhattan now and even has a doorman to open the door for her when it is time for her walk and her play time in Central Park.

This is truly a happy ending for one very special golden retriever who was down on her luck. It is because of this organization and donors that this sweet girl is living a comfortable and happy life now. Don't tell Penny, though, because she thinks she won the lottery!