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Puppy Mill

You don't have to look far to find information about the bad conditions and inhumane treatment of dogs who are in puppy mills. These mills provide the puppies that are sold in pet stores everywhere. This is why people looking to get a pet for their family should get it either from a breeder or a rescue group never from a pet store. As awful as the information is it can't compare with seeing this first hand. Recently, Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue and other rescue groups across the country were asked to help in a rescue mission for a group of dogs who were released from a puppy mill to a rescue group in Oklahoma.

We agreed to take two female dogs from this rescue.

They traveled by transport for two days until they reached their drop off spot. Spring Valley, NY. They were taken out of the truck and immediately dropped to the ground in fear. Neither of these girls had been out for a walk or had the opportunity to play in a yard or sleep on a bed. Peach Brandy is a 4 year old girl whose body shows the signs of multiple frequent liters. Peach Brandy, renamed Merry, was apprehensive but willing to try this new idea of walking on a leash. Minnie, a nine month old was not so eager. She fell to the ground and needed to be carried to the car for transport to their foster homes.

Once in the car the girls settled down for the ride to the beginning of their new lives. A life filled with hugs, kisses and love, a life far away from the torture that they had endured.

The first stop was at Petco where the girls were given a bath. Although they were very frightened they felt better once the dirt and grim was off their bodies.

Minnie is afraid to walk and needs to be carried. Everything around her is new and scary. This nine month old girl has probably never been outside of a cage. She had no experiences with the world and has a long road ahead of her.

The girls and volunteers head off to the vets office to be checked by Dr. Gadino whose patience is so appreciated by all concerned. He finds that Merry has had bad ear infections for a long time and some scars on her face. Minnie seems not to be medically in bad shape but she tries to crawl under the counter to escape the world around her that is so scary.

Once they are finished they are headed to foster homes where they can begin to be happy normal dogs. They have a long road ahead of them but with love , patience and understanding we all can hope that as the dirt was washed from their bodies so may the painful memories of what they endured in the puppy mill be washed from their memories.

I am scared.
My housemate seems to have this house thing down pat
Ok, no threat here
I am not sure I want to come out
What are all this stuffed things on the floor?
That big box (tv) scares me
What is that noise?
Out of 200 toys I claimed these
Trying for figure out what these dogs do with these woobies.......


I like to go exploring . . .
and peek in door ways . . .
all while . . .
they sleep.
Cheese time on the carpet!
That little dog is so much like a snapping turtle!
I have to sit up and get my fair share.

Please watch this part of the website as we watch these girls hopefully to change before our eyes.