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When I called LIGRR and told you I was looking for a dog who was good with children, well behaved, and got along with a cat, I really never believed all my needs could be met. I was wrong.

You chose Rex for our family and on January 28th we adopted Rex. He is perfect! I almost feel guilty that adopting a 6 year old dog was such an easy transition. He is a good boy with no bad habits at all.

As time has gone by Rex has really warmed up and has shown us a very silly side. He likes to take my slipper, not chew it, and wait for me to walk into the room. When I see him, he'll grab the slipper and look up at me wagging his tail furiously. I can see the laughter in his eyes. He always gives my slipper back unharmed.

He loves going to the bus stop every morning and he gets lots of attention from the kids and moms.

He also loves going for long walks and he gets at least one a day.

Our children love him and shower him with lots of love and attention daily.

Thank you for giving us Rex. He is our dear and loving friend.