A 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization

A Letter From the President

October 2017

Dear Golden Family, Friends and first time visitors,

Those of you who have been a part of our Golden family know what we do and how much goes into each adoption. For those of you that are first time visitors, Welcome. You will find this to be a group of wonderful people who are here to help the dogs and their families. I'd like to give a brief description of what the day to day life of our members is like. First, we are all volunteers, no one takes any money for what we do. Some of us are board members, some are volunteers, and some are adopters. The majority of our board and volunteers work but some are retired.

There are three major components to rescue. First and foremost - Our main goal is to help Golden Retrievers in need of a new home. These dogs come from three situations 1) a dog in a home who needs a new home, 2) a dog in a municipal shelter, and 3) dogs from Turkey ( see the section in our website about these dogs). Each situation has it's own urgency.

The adoption applicants are the next component. People call daily with their dream of the perfect dog. They want young, blonde, housebroken, well trained, etc. Regrettably, some of our dogs need some work. Maybe they have never learned to walk on a leash, or catch a ball. People calling for the perfect dog often are not happy with the process. Please understand that we take every Golden that needs help. The dog is our client. If we are able to give the dog exactly what it needs, the adopters are happy as well. I saw this after several conversations with people who think we are not fast enough or not willing to give them what they want. That might be so, but we strive to give our client what they want and need.

The third component is fund raising. While I would love to spend all of my time with the dogs, without doing fundraisers we cannot get the dogs treated medically and ready for adoptions.

Within a short period of time we can see some really unbelievable situations.

Recently, we were asked to take a 13 year old dog. Her skin was awful and she had no fur. Her ears and eyes were infected. She had an enormous growth on her side. With our help she has found a place to spend the rest of her life surrounded by loving people. She will always have her medical needs addressed and she can spend her golden years happy and healthy.

One of our dogs from Turkey needed surgery to amputate her infected toes. Once that was done it was discovered that her pelvis was crushed. She has had an additional surgery on her hip and is healing beautifully. She is now living in a loving home as well.

To those of you new to rescue, please understand that if your email or adoption application is not replied to immediately it is not personal. We are taking care of the dogs or helping to fund raise to help those dogs that need us the most. Feel free to call and check on your application or offer to help or donate. We can only offer dogs that we have and rarely know in advance when domestic dogs are coming to us.

Finding that wonderful new family member is a process and is not to be rushed. We strive to find the right home for each dog and in doing so we find the right dog for you. It is always about the dogs.

Never Miss a Golden Opportunity.