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WALL OF FAME 2021-2022

Dear Golden family,

When I became president over 20 years ago, if anyone would have told me that in the future we would go through 2 years where people could not safely meet in groups… A time where people would work at home with their dogs… A time when many people would purchase dogs to keep them company… I would have thought that this was something out of a science fiction novel. Yet indeed, we have been in this situation for a while now. During this unprecedented time, LIGRR has continued to do what we have done for over 20 years; help dogs that need a new home.

Recently, I read something on social media; someone said that no one should ever give their dog to a new home. I typed my response, erased it, and typed again. Their comments were clearly made by people who have never been involved in rescue. Over the years we have placed dogs for so many reasons. Those of you who have adopted from LIGRR have always been told the dog's prior situation. In these unprecedented and stressful times things just seemed worse. People who were seriously ill… people who could no longer stay in their living situation… those who could no longer afford to keep their dog… there are many reasons. Later, people went back to a job that might require them to be out of their house much longer than before. As I met with our adopters, at what has become known as the "No dogs allowed park", the family surrendering their dog they were often tears.

I am so proud to be involved with a group of people who assured the surrendering family that their dog would have a happy life, that they can have updates on the dogs by contacting me to assure the both parties privacy. I have never been denied such a request. I know that the LIGRR family would never judge someone who must surrender their dog. I thank you for being a part of the LIGRR family.

On an optimistic note – I believe that soon we will once again be able to begin taking international dogs. Those dogs come here and have and a life changing experience for the dog and the new family begins.

Your help is needed… please give what you can so we will always be here to help our golden babies when they need us.

Why do we do this? The hope in the eyes of a dog who had no hope…the wag of the tail… the families who have fallen in love with a new family member…the list is endless.

Here are the Donation Categories and your "Thank You" Gifts:

May the coming months bring us all happiness, peace, and good health.

Never Miss a Golden Opportunity,


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Rescue Hero - $500 and up donation

The Wender FamilyPeter and Roberta Gottlieb
George BakerJohn and Liz Tarr
Jean-Luc UrbainBerne Greene
Justine MoriartyGary and Jana Kron
Susan and Patrick Vitek 


Best in Show - $250 and up donation

Callista TullyRichard and Pamela RubinsteinMargrettta A. Johnson-Sally


Leader of the Pack - $100 and up donation

Jonathan MallerSherry PlevretesAndrea OliveroRod Schlumpt
George Sweeting and Karen Schlain in honor of CharlieJames TerlizziPaul and Karen CocoPatricia and Edward Schling
Nancy and Ron IsraeliPatrick and Amanda MooreJanice FiscinaVirginia Kemnitzer
Melissa StarinThe Janet Pomeranz TrustVeronica SchultheirMargrettta A. Johnson-Sally
John GarveyPatricia DillonBarbara and John BennettGloria and Richard Mooney
In memory of Buster and GramsPatricia McCauleyKalpana Thakore and Gregory MeydingLawrence and Zabinski
Clifford and Eileen RedmondJennifer RobbinsMargaret HarboyWilliam Jacobs
Janice ChewDon Candee and Debby LewisMargaret HarboyCynthia Young
Lawrence and Cynthia ZabinskiClifford and Eileen RedmondJennifer RobbinsSusan and William Wrigley
Jamileh DiGuida and Ted ScalaCarman Joyner  


Faithful Companion - $50 and up donation

Arleen GoscinskiVirginia and Dominick CarotenutoClaire and Christine WallacePatricia DuffyHenry Speicher Jr.
Susan and NappoGeraldine TomanelliMichael and Eileen DicristoraroMichael and Linda HeaneySusan and William Wrigley
Sean and Clorinda BradyKaren WeberOakley WoodThomas and Lisa LackmannBrian and Debra Vogel
Gerard PicardiCarol and John Kelly HalbigMarcelino Santiago and Terry BainMichele Delmonte&Patricia DuffyAnthony and Margaret Barenzano
Bruce Butt and Teresa RobertsonCorinne WilsonJoy Poppers  


Good Dog - $25 and up donation

Cathleen and Jpseph TerranoSusan LevineMarc and Loree TandRobert and Amy RubinCarol KayneIn memory of Patty and Sandy
Carole and Robert MoenJames and Ellen McDonaldSteven FraimanValerie WaltersClaudia KaufmanLynn Reuter Goldstein
Victoria and Wilson QuinonesKaren FarrellChristine Campagnino&Robert McGroryPaul LoganLynn Reuter GoldsteinConstance Spellman


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