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Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue
Wall of Fame 2019-2020

Thank You Wall-of-Fame Donors!

Dear Golden Family,

It is time to end our annual Wall of Fame for 2020, and as usual our Golden Family is the best! As the world around us spins into a place that none of us have ever seen before; I find myself thinking about the things that I am grateful for. Of course my LIGRR family is right up there. With your help, we were able to save many dogs in need. This year, we not only saved local dogs, but we were able to save dogs from Turkey and China. We certainly hope to continue our mission soon.

Recently, about a week before we were told to shelter in place, we placed a pair of dogs who were being bred and living in a shed in Queens. It was an unusual process. The dogs were evaluated and brought to our vet where they were spayed and neutered.

Two days later, as the pandemic was beginning to suffocate us, I met the adopter at the animal hospital. No one was allowed inside the animal hospital. The vet techs brought the dogs out to the parking lot - We all stood more that 6 feet apart. No one shook hands or hugged. Papers were faxed back, the adoption fee was wired to us, and two more dogs had a home. It was a strange feeling, especially since these adopters were people who adopted from us twice before. They were already part of our LIGRR family. I wanted these two dogs to stay together since they were a family, too. They need some training and during our last conversation things were moving along well. Had this happened a week later there would have been additional hurdles to go through to make this happen.

We will all ride this out, hopefully in good health and will be able to meet at our events in person again. Recently in order to stay in touch we put something on our Facebook page asking people to share their LIGRR stories. Please join us as we try to continue to see each other in a new way on Facebook. Again thank you for your generosity and continued support.

Never Miss a Golden Opportunity,