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Welcome to the Long Island
Golden Retriever Rescue
Family Page

Hi! Welcome to our Family Page.

Rescue is kind of a strange thing. It doesn't get done unless a whole lot of strangers come together. These strangers have one common goal: saving, in our case, Golden Retrievers. We come from highly diverse backgrounds and walks of life. We don't always think the same or agree on a lot of things. But we always get past it for the sake of the common goal: saving dogs. In that sense, we at LIGRR are family, frequently the first family a needy Golden Retriever has had in a very long time. And we love these dogs, sometimes for only the length of a car ride or the few minutes it takes to give a treat in the shelter – sometimes much longer.

Then your family enters the picture. With a wagging tail, a wiggle butt, and a few doggie kisses, our dog becomes your dog. But we don't forget the soulful eyes or the shy kisses or that very tentative tail wagging when we first met your dog.

Please keep us updated on how your Golden Retriever is doing. This is your page – to share stories about your best pal. We are hopeful that we will have many contributors to this story page. We are confident that you will enjoy sharing the exploits of your own dog and reading about many of our adopted Golden Retrievers. Please "keep those cards and letters coming!"

Actually, from a practical standpoint, skip the cards and letters, if possible. The quickest way to get your doggie masterpiece "published" is to email it to ligrr@yahoo.com.

Your stories may be edited to help protect your privacy.

Now, here are some of our LIGRR success stories. We hope you enjoy reading them at least half as much as you do playing with your own Golden!! Thank you all for the great homes and the love you give these guys!